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a scent story — lilyofthevalley

people share their stories, relating to scent

2.Grace Ko

Grace Ko is one of the most talented and brilliant people you could ever hope to meet. If you know her, you already know this - a musician, an artist, a ninja and a scientist(not in that order) not to mention one of the kindest and funniest and stylish people ever. This is the sweet scent story she shared with us: "The scent of lilacs and lily of the valley always remind me of my mom. Her favourite scent was the truly floral Diorrissimo which is based on Dior's favourite flowers and which he described as the 'scent of his soul'. Floral scents don't work on everyone, but on her it is perfectly soft, clean, feminine and unobtrusive. Perfectly suited...
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a scent story 1.Robin Bancroft-Wilson

A friend of mine, Robin Bancroft-Wilson of AATMA crystals, and I were sitting around one day, discussing our lives and our passions - the way we do. I was sharing with her that one of my favourite parts of speaking with people who are trying and choosing scents, is that inevitably - a scent story comes out.  Some type of sweet memory associated with a particular note, a blend of something, a tugging at the heart, a weakness in the knees - comes tumbling out, almost against better judgement at times. Just a completely untethered telling of this story would unravel.  I told her how much I cherished that! Because it is so sweet,and so... real. This is what makes me...
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