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what's new, inspiring and informative at reassembly

Stress and our health

The holiday season is filled with parties, family, merriment, champagne and STRESS! Stress isn’t always a bad thing, in primitive times it was what got us up and out when a sabretooth tiger was knocking at our cave door, but the stress we experience now is much duller, less urgent and constant. There are many aspects of our life that cause stress, some are within our control and others are outside unfortunately our brain just isn’t that great at compartmentalizing our stressors. Our brain and hormones react the same to physical, mental, environmental and perceived stress. Because of this the best way to think about our body’s capacity for stress is to imagine a glass, and of adding drops of...
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reassembly X Truvelle

We recently had the pleasure of working on a custom fine fragrance and candle for Truvelle bridal, launched November 22/2017. Lavender, spanish sage, tonka bean absolute, sandalwood and black pepper join forces to make a special bit of magic - fresh, modern and unexpected meet calming and grounding elegance. Creating, blending and bottling this bit of magic was meditative and lovely, an uplifting energy for the studio.   You can read more about the experience here:  
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NUVO X reassembly

"Vancouver’s Reassembly stocks a dusty rose–hued sandalwood mask made with French pink and Moroccan rhassoul clay that comes as a powder packed into a little glass jar. Mix a pinch with water to form a paste—that’s your mask. Not only is the apothecary-style format darling, the product cleanses deeply. Unlike Charlotte Tilbury’s clay mask, which remains supple as long as it’s on the skin, this product dries up to satisfyingly clear out pores, and leaves your face feeling pleasantly perked-up." - NUVO magazine
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01 production agency X reassembly

A little while ago, reassembly had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Latour (photographer) and Redia Soltis (art direction) of 01 production agency. We had the best time coming up with innovative ways to showcase our products and it was a soulful day with beautiful and creative people. Here Redia Soltis (art director at 01 production agency) applies BODY SERUM LUXURY OIL to model Nikki Alagha's skin. If you don't already follow 01 magazine, check them out at  They have long been our favourite source for art, culture, fashion and design. Endless inspiration! You can experience all the photos throughout our website currently and learn more about the two beautiful women who modelled for us as well, soon -...
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MILKSTONE, a single edition perfume we created, shown here in a handmade milkstone bottle, a collaboration with artist Josée Aubin Ouellette for her 2014 show MILK.  
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In a month that celebrates love and hearts, we see and think about love in all its manifestations - A good way to learn to see with love is to study our sense of love within, in a deeper sense - perhaps how we think about love and how we love ourselves. The love that then flows outwards naturally.  The 4th chakra (or energy center in the spiritual body) is known as the heart chakra or Anahata (in Sanskrit - meaning flawless). When we tap into this chakra we find a wellspring of unconditional love. The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and the colour green is most prominently shown to be its visual representative, although...
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Essential oils for winter

It's easy in the winter months, almost anywhere, to become a little more introspective, even a little blue. There's nothing wrong with this - I believe it is important to embrace the darkness so that we can do the same when it comes time for light. But, there are times when feeling trapped in the dark cycle of winter can become challenging - low energy can keep us from doing what we love to do, which can perpetuate a cycle of low energy. We know eating properly, drinking enough water, exercising, connecting with our loved ones and being creative are all ways to elevate ourselves, but what of creating an atmosphere of joy in ourselves, our homes, other spaces we...
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staying hydrated in winter

Staying hydrated in winter can be a daunting experience. I feel like the only way to warm up at the end of a long day at the studio is to get in a hot bath when I get home! If you're like me, you may have noticed that hot baths can result in even drier skin. Some tricks I've learnt in managing my dry and sometimes itchy winter skin may help you as well. For one, I always add some form of natural emollient to my bath - coconut oil is a nice one, or olive oil that you have in the kitchen cupboard even, lovely. Once out of the bath I pat down a little(not too much) and then...
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