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A friend of mine, Robin Bancroft-Wilson of AATMA crystals, and I were sitting around one day, discussing our lives and our passions - the way we do. I was sharing with her that one of my favourite parts of speaking with people who are trying and choosing scents, is that inevitably - a scent story comes out.  Some type of sweet memory associated with a particular note, a blend of something, a tugging at the heart, a weakness in the knees - comes tumbling out, almost against better judgement at times. Just a completely untethered telling of this story would unravel.  I told her how much I cherished that! Because it is so sweet,and so... real. This is what makes me want to create, this truth telling - this direct line - making us fall in love again, bringing us comfort, making us bold, tapping into our innermost selves reminding us, of the wildly beautiful and carefree souls that we inherently are. "That's it!" she said - "you HAVE to share that!"

And with that "a scent story" was born.

Naturally - the first on the list of scent storytellers had to be Miss Robin Bancroft-Wilson - a lover, a creator, a crystal healer, and so much more:

"My favourite flower, and the scent that brings up the deepest memories is lily of the valley - because, when I was a kid, my grandmother, my nana - she had this cute little backyard, where they put very little effort and yet, by the end of the summer it would be wild with lily of the valley, everywhere!! I didn't know it was a weed, I just thought "how magical that these little flowers are everywhere!" I would constantly pick them and place them all over her house, all these bouquets, just tons of them - everywhere! And I just loved the scent - this sweet, this delicate, super fragrant little flower. And whenever I smell this scent I think of my nana, may she rest in peace, and I think of that really carefree time of being a little girl, you know - in your grandmothers backyard, swinging on her crickety old seat swing, with a canopy - being free to pick as many lily of the valleys as I could."

Follow Robin Bancroft-Wilson on instagram @aatmacrystals and check out what she does - www.aatma.ca

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