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a scent story — aatmacrystals

people share their stories, relating to scent

a scent story 1.Robin Bancroft-Wilson

A friend of mine, Robin Bancroft-Wilson of AATMA crystals, and I were sitting around one day, discussing our lives and our passions - the way we do. I was sharing with her that one of my favourite parts of speaking with people who are trying and choosing scents, is that inevitably - a scent story comes out.  Some type of sweet memory associated with a particular note, a blend of something, a tugging at the heart, a weakness in the knees - comes tumbling out, almost against better judgement at times. Just a completely untethered telling of this story would unravel.  I told her how much I cherished that! Because it is so sweet,and so... real. This is what makes me...
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