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Introducing new candle MARGHERITA - with notes of basil, oregano, tomato leaf and so much more! Like warm sun coaxing the intoxicating, fresh green notes from tomato leaves or pizza and champagne on a rooftop on a hot summer night. This scent will transport you and bring you sun on even the longest, dark days. 

Beloved OUTER SPICE candle is now available in original pearl white, new cosmic seafoam and galaxy blush!

Sensual and grounding, this class reassembly botanical candle elevates and space and offers space (haha) for deep breathing and dreaming. An 80 hour burn time, this candle will perfume your space with patchouli, cardamon, fir, cistus and our wood.

We always ask that you burn your candles responsibly and never for more than 2 hours, trim your wicks and never leave unattended. 

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