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detox luxe botanical sea salts


This deeply soothing and invigorating bath salt blend combines our signature sacred solar sea and epsom salts along with mustard seed, ginger root, organic apple cider vinegar, sweet birch wood oil, fullers earth clay and essential oils of sweet birch, eucalyptus, wintergreen and ginger grass. 

To use: light candles, add to hot, not warm water - soak and breathe, letting circulation flow and muscles unwind for as long as you can. Leave skin lotion and creme free for the evening in order to sweat out what needs to be eliminated during sleep. In the morning, take a cool shower and feel the effect of a lighter being, softened skin and energized mind.

All reassembly products are vegan. We lovingly source all our ingredients from the best and most sustainable and ethical sources locally, and around the world.