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Blake McKay is a beautiful and creative artist who does about a million creative things, beautifully. Everything he touches becomes more gorgeous, soulful and usually, edible. He is a gifted chef who has also been a restauranteur, a teacher, a farmer,community garden president and a food stylist.


His book "Bouffe style Blake" is beautiful, insightful and inspiring, and was probably my mom's favourite Christmas gift this year. Here he shares his scent story:

"Walking the woods of the west coast this fall, I was comforted by a familiar scent that pervades the air, one that reminds me of moments spent on the islands throughout my life. A particular perfume generated by footfalls on fallen leaves and moss, wet earth, salt air and the smoke of the open fires burning fallen branches and garden trimmings. I remember moments spent with my grandfather gathering branches for the burn pile, walking with my lovely Lily along the trails below MacKinnon road following the flight of the tourists after the labour day long weekend, long wanderings in the darkness, the sound of falling rain and footsteps my only company in Granite Bay. I am ever transported and humbled by my sense of smell and for this I am grateful."

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