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-Precious Rose one note solid botanical fragrance-

The harvesting of roses for oils,waxes and attars is done by hand in the morning before sunrise and prepared within the same day. It takes many pounds of rose petals to distill one ounce of essential oil. Maybe that's why it is a revered and sacred fragrance that represents love and healing in the most magical way. Our precious rose botanical fragrance is a dewy fresh blend of  rose essential oils from Moracco,Bulgaria and Turkey as well as organic floral wax in our organic solid base of aloe butter and beeswax. Give this gift of love to yourself or to someone you love this holiday season while quantities last!




-Patchouli Gift Duo-

The intoxicating and exotic patchouli essential oil is a fragrance that has been worn and revered for thousands of years. It is said that King Tut was buried with ten gallons of patchouli as he wanted to ensure it travelled with him into the afterlife. When it was first introduced to Europe it was literally worth its weight in gold! One of the most requested single note fragrances here at reassembly, we are making availabe to you this sensual and alluring blend in our organic body cleanser base with a  solid botanical fragrance at a special price for a limited time while quantities last!



Hope everyone is having a stress free and magical holiday season!



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