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For a long time we were used to avoiding oil in our skincare, the collective idea being that of clogged pores and oily-abundant and difficult skin. How did we get there? And why should we feel comfortable now in caring for our skin with oils? What has changed? 

A lot of companies used, and continue to use, synthetic and petrochemical ingredients, most commonly mineral oil, a clear, scentless oil that won't go bad and is produced as a by-product of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. Mineral oil  is difficult for skin to absorb and clogs the pores,slowing the skin's ability to eliminate toxins and in some cases, arresting or robbing the body of valuable vitamins and minerals.

Our skin is amazing! It is the largest organ of our body that works hard to filter everything and accumulates the excess. This is why we want to care lovingly for our skin and moisturize with materials that echo the natural production of sebum. Live, organic oils from beautiful plants, trees, flowers and seeds, amongst others.  The energy we feel from the things we put on our skin, or in our bodies, is important. At reassembly, we always want you to feel the vibration of all the good things we have reassembled for you - with love.


Our body serum luxury oil is full of gorgeous natural and organic ingredients that smell fresh, simply because the essential oils used within promote circulation, aid in cell regeneration and uplift  the spirits, naturally. The elixer facial oil is stocked with every free radical scavenging, wrinkle diminishing, sun damage healing, natural sun screening, lipid plumping and skin balancing super oil out there! It can help troubled skin, both congested or dry and has improved cases of inflamed skin such as rosacea and eczema. Take a moment and read about these two products in our 'ingredients, their uses and benefits' page. And, always feel free to drop a line with any questions, concerns or comments at info@reassembly.ca.

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