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 We are so glad to be here, in our own web-store! reassembly wants to thank every one of you for your continued support and hits, as well as orders. There are so many great gift ideas, as well as some specials coming up, for a limited Christmas run, keep an eye out! And don't forget you can contact us anytime for anything - special orders, wholesale interest and general questions too! We are working hard to keep it real and always with your best interests in mind, and heart. Contact us anytime at info@reassembly.ca...

Just a few gift ideas:


Black Magic bath crystals are a fantastic way to introduce yourself or someone else to our botanical fragrance called Blackwood, a sultry blend of black agar,oud, vanilla and cedar. Packaged in a black velvet bag, these solar salts will help ease away the days' aches and pains while setting the tone for a candlelit night and/or festivities up and coming. At $15 they are a steal, each bag contains 8 oz of these precious sea salts dried by the sun to preserve mineral goodness, along with Blackwood botanical fragrance and a splash of argan oil, so you are left refreshed, glowy and feeling like the magic being that you are!


Our little french lip balms are a delicious way to care for your lips, especially in winter. Organic flavour oils and essential oils. along with illipe and shea butters,vitamin e and castor oil add a protective sheen at the same time they work to soothe existing dryness and damage. We all need a little extra loving in protecting our kissing pillows, am I right?

And my favorite always, our botanical fragrance collection! These come in two forms - our solid botanical fragrance and pure botanical fragrance oil...earthy and sophisticated, all reassembly botanical fragrances are completely gender-free,spiritually-infused and made with love.



AND! When you receive your reassembly gifts in the mail, you will be pleased to see each one is lovingly wrapped and ready to give and then sealed again and labelled so you can do with it as you choose. Our mission is to make the entire experience from the beautiful ingredients lovingly handmade to the stunning and sustainable containers(mostly glass) to the natural gift wrap and ribbon, a truly special experience, just for you...

Josée Gordon

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