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Staying hydrated in winter can be a daunting experience. I feel like the only way to warm up at the end of a long day at the studio is to get in a hot bath when I get home! If you're like me, you may have noticed that hot baths can result in even drier skin. Some tricks I've learnt in managing my dry and sometimes itchy winter skin may help you as well. For one, I always add some form of natural emollient to my bath - coconut oil is a nice one, or olive oil that you have in the kitchen cupboard even, lovely. Once out of the bath I pat down a little(not too much) and then use body serum luxury oil all over. Once that has been absorbed a little - I follow up with creme whip. I'm not going to lie - it does take a little more time to hydrate in the winter than in the summer but it really makes a difference long term as well as throughout the day. Our faces also see a need for a little more loving in winter.Perhaps you bump up the amount of moisturizer you use, or you switch to a heavier cream. Maybe, like me - you layer your moisturizer with a facial oil, before and after ( I pat on a small amount over make up before I leave the house)

Why use a moisturizer at all you may ask? Well, it can prep your face by creating a barrier between you and the potentially irritating elements for one - another thing is that often, particularly in the case of oil-abundant skinned people, we see this as a signal to halt moisturizer - moisturizer in actuality should balance and soften the skin. Natural oils such as argan, almond, camellia seed, marula and cherry kernel seed(many of which are included in our facial elixir) are extremely adept at creating this balanced environment, providing a soothing effect on dry skin and imparting a lovely glow. There is an art to applying moisturizer, did you know this? Instead of slathering it on, try taking a little time to gently massage it in in circular motions. This added action can help stimulate circulation, an enemy to dull, dry skin and ultimately, wrinkles. The even more delicate eye area can benefit from a little of the classic 'ring finger tapping'. 

Like this:

Well, that's for the outside - We can support our skin by drinking enough water and herbal tea and eating lots of fruits and veggies , which hold a lot of water. Getting enough omega 3 fatty acids means less water loss in skin cells. You can find your omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, tuna, olive oil, anchovies, almonds and avocados. You can also add an oil supplement to your diet, in capsules or directly into your morning smoothie!

Happy hydrating!!


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