February 04 2014 Tuesday at 11:47 AM

New products!

New at reassembly are the long-awaited "whitewood" botanical fragrance oil and the special edition "body serum luxury bath" both in time for this month of love...


Whitewood is a delicately light deceptive citrus floating dreamily above an oudwood base, that is somehow buttery and sensual like skin under a lovers touch. It is complimentary and in the same family as Blackwood (they both share the oudwood connection) but distinctly different. Where Blackwood goes cloaked into the deep dark woods, Whitewood gets naked and runs barefoot in the moss…


Body serum luxury bath is a special edition bath that combines the benefial and healing blend of essential oils present in body serum luxury oil with norwegian birch oil and solar sea and epsom salts for a truly rejuvenating and healing bath. Helps you to connect with breath and soothes muscles and mind while warming and healing cold winter bones, an herbal bath for you body, mind and soul. For true herbal luxury, follow up with body serum luxury oil.

All reassembly products are made with love, always.